Bike Trip – Zarnesti Plaiul Foii (2011)

Posted: November 9, 2011 in Bike

After MPC I’ve recovered quite quickly, but my knees are still problematic. I’ve tried a couple of times to run uphill and they scream at me in 2-3 km. So, until they will let me run again I will switch my activities to biking. Luckily, when biking (because of the bio-mechanics) ITB doesn’t bother me at all so I can maintain somehow a proper muscular fitness.  As last year, Rose and I chose a very relaxing road from Zarnesti to Plaiul Foii. Although it happened one year ago, we were still thinking of those delicious papanasi :D. The route is very easy with 150 m height difference in ~15 km. You will not even feel it, although when coming back you will go much faster.

I’ll let the pictures tell the story because there is not too much to say 🙂

The weather was warm with now winds and shortly we’ve reached Plaiul Foii.

A very cute and small dog was looking for food :). He was just … gorgeous.

This is what we’ve came for 😀

After finishing the papanasi 🙂 the sun hid himself over the mountains and the cold weather followed very quickly. So we left towards Zarnesti and enjoy the autumn colors.

It was a nice and relaxing Sunday. Warm weather and tasty papanasi made it an almost perfect ending of the week. It would have been perfect if I could have run it instead of biking … but I hope that soon my knees will let me.

  1. Razvan Alexe says:

    a fost super vreamea, ca si sambata! 🙂 imi pare rau ca nu ti-ai revenit inca cu genunchii. dar sper ca o sa-ti treaca.
    numai bine!

  2. alexitu says:

    Si mie imi pare rau … as fi vrut s alerg si eu cu voi Sambata. Poate data viitoare o sa fiu si eu apt :).

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