Bike Trip – Zarnesti Plaiul Foiii

Posted: November 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

Because the weather was not too climbing friendly lately we’ve decided to do some relaxing bike trip from Zarnesti to Plaiul Foii. The road is easy and you hardly notice the altitude difference.

Here is the route details with the help of

The route is about 15 km from where we’ve started. The weather was some how warm, but in Zarnesti was a little foggy. After we’ve left Zarnesti behind, the road was just great for biking … but not recommended for going with a small car.

Some pics … with the mountain

… and with me and Rose

I don’t have to much to say … it was a late autumn relaxing day so I will let the pictures tell the story.

This is a really nice house … I could move here any time 🙂

If you plan to go with the bike and you are not familiar with the area, remember to keep always left. There are 2 let’s say crossroads, but if you keep left you will soon reach Plaiul Foii.

This is a toll bridge … you have to give this guy a piece of steak to let you pass 🙂

We had here one of the best papanasi so far. If you come here give them a try, they are just great. The price is 10 lei.

We have enjoyed the view from the balcony…

After one hour spent here we slowly started our journey back. When we’ve started our journey we left the fog in Zarnesti, but it didn’t wanted to stay there and it caught us somewhere in the middle of the route.

However it gave us the opportunity to take some great shots.

It was a nice bike trip in the third week of November. I really enjoyed it … but not as much as those delicious papanasi from Plaiul Foii 🙂

However it gave us the opportunity to take some great shots.

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