Memories from this year – Padina Hotarelor

Posted: October 20, 2010 in Piatra Craiului

This year I have started my mountain journeys earlier than usual.  The reason is due to the fact that until I reach 30 I want to climb Matterhorn.  I know it will be challenging and I need proper training for this . I looked over the forecast for 30-31 January and the weather conditions were really promising. So we’ve started early Saturday morning to climb Piatra Craiului through Padina Hotarelor route.

Padina Hotarelor it’s quite nice to climb for reaching the main ridge because is very steep and you arrive very fast on the starting point of the North Ridge called Turnu.  The weather was looking very promising …

And another one from where we’ve started to climb

And another one with me looking on the route 🙂

After just a few steps we’ve noticed some bad signs … because was quite warm for that period after some few steps in the snow I saw how the upper layer is breaking in big icy pieces. It was like walking on ice on a frozen lake. But we were very optimistic that as we climb it will be cooler and so the snow more stable.

It was looking good …

.. or not that good

Unfortunately our fears became reality. Although we have gain some height ~ 1600 m the weather was still warm and the snow terrible. But we were still optimistic and continue for another couple of minutes until I heard a crack. That sound I didn’t like at all. In front of us … around 50 m, the snow broke from on side of the canyon till the other and basically was impossible to avoid that portion so we have decided to go down.

The descent was a real pleasure because the snow was quite big and I was feeling like walking on sponges. Although I was a little disappointed because of the sudden ending of the climb  I left home with Piatra Craiului on my mind and thinking about the next time I will meet this beautiful mountain again.


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